Important Information
Diane Barrett
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Today in a press conference, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson directed four Arkansas counties to close schools, but White County is not one of them. According to Governor Hutchinson, at the current time, there is no reason for schools outside those counties to close as the state is monitoring it on a case by case basis. Searcy School District will remain open. If we are directed by the Governor, the Arkansas Department of Health, and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to close, we will do so at that time. At the end of the school day today, all students should have Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) packets for days 1-10 should we be directed to close in the future. We will keep our families and community informed of updated information as we receive it. If you have questions about children who may be exhibiting symptoms, Arkansas Children’s Hospital asks you to contact them at 1-800-743-3616.

Our custodial and grounds crews are continuing their diligent efforts to ensure all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected regularly, and our teachers/administrators are taking extra measures within the classrooms regarding disinfecting desks, computers, and other regularly touched surfaces. Searcy School District will continue to monitor student and employee illness, and we will utilize the resources and guidance provided to us by the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Secondary and Elementary Education as new information becomes available.

Thank you for entrusting your children with us, and please know we always put the health and safety of our students and employees first.