Local Author Visits Schools
Local Author Visits Schools
Betsy Bailey

Ahlf Junior High School and Searcy High School students in select social studies and English classes enjoyed an informative presentation by Arkansas journalist and author Cecelia Wilson. Wilson, a central Arkansas resident, has recently published a real-life World War II book describing the life of Edith Röpke and her seven siblings who grew up in the city of Bremen where bombings took place and friends and neighbors perished.

Wilson is a feature writer for local publication Searcy Living and has interviewed governors, senators, Grammy Award-winning musicians and many other fascinating individuals.

Through interviews with her close friend Edith Röpke Harris, she was able to pen pages that describe details and events that had long been forgotten and some that are still very fresh in the mind of eighty-one year old Harris. Along with the interviews, Mrs. Wilson researched major WW II events that helped recreate the war-torn setting for the family’s struggles. In an interview published with Wilson, she remarks, “It’s the story of the fear of a child and the sheer determination of a mother risking it all so she and her children can return home. Most of all, it’s a vivid reminder of how war creates countless victims, but hope can make heroes of the most common among us.”

Mrs. Wilson spoke with social studies students and English literature students who have been studying WWII, and she also answered questions about the writing process and how to make the dream of becoming a published author a reality. We at Searcy School District are always grateful for guests who can provide a different perspective for our students and give them insight on future careers and goals. Cecilia Wilson’s book is entitled Back to Bremen, and more information may be found at the author’s website www.backtobremen.com.