Mission Statement

It is the mission of Searcy High School, working in partnership with parents and the community, to prepare our students for the demands of an ever-changing technological, global society and pursue educational excellence. All students will learn in a safe, respectful environment in which they will experience:

rigorous, standards-based curriculum
data-driven instruction
effective evaluation and intervention
highly qualified teachers who receive strong administrative support.


The school should offer a complete and flexible curriculum providing equal opportunities for all, making provisions for individual differences, and preparing students to become contributing members of society and community, regardless of their chosen field of work. The following have been established as our objectives:

1. To provide an atmosphere, which enhances development of students' talents, abilities, needs, interests, positive self-esteem, and physical and mental health, including stress management.

2. To encourage students to test, investigate, and analyze new ideas by using critical thinking skills so that they may derive valid conclusions.

3. To enable students, through cooperation and participation in school experiences, to assume their responsibilities as family members, consumers, and members of a national society.

4. To present a program of varied extra-curricular activities designed to enhance students' use of leisure time and to develop an appreciation for literature, art, music, and sports.

5. To encourage responsible attitudes and behaviors and endeavor to instill a sense of values and worthwhile ideals.

6. To instill within students a respect for law and order and an appreciation of America's multicultural heritage.

7. To provide opportunities for students to obtain the necessary academics and technology needed for their careers.

8. To emphasize communication opportunities between parents and the school staff for the benefit of the students.

Bell Schedule