Safe Secure Schools

Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, Westside had new security entry doors. When you arrive at the school to visit the office, always use driveway one off of Country Club Road. The exterior doors will remain locked at all times. When you come to the entrance, you will need to locate the electronic keypad to the right of the door.

Press the center button and wait for the office staff to answer. You must stand in front of the camera until they "buzz" you into the building. The office staff will open the door remotely (you will hear a beeping sound) so you can enter.

We will continue to use the glass doors by the office. At this time, you will be buzzed through these doors as well and enter by pulling the LEFT side door.

We will continue to keep the wooden office entry door closed and locked. Anyone entering the office must do so AFTER entering both sets of doors.

We appreciate your patience with us as we implement these new safety measures.


Kyle Hunt, Principal