Each person who enters our building must be scanned through our Hall Pass system. The first time you visit our school your license must be scanned. Once your license is screened and approved, you are given a visitor badge to wear. As you leave, please turn the badge back into the office.  After that initial scan of your ID in our office, you are in our Hall Pass System and able to use the RSVP System. This RSVP is a form which allows parents to let us know in advance that you will be attending certain events we have at the school. We encourage everyone to RSVP for events so their badge will be waiting for them when they arrive. This prevents parents from waiting in line at the office for a visitor tag. If you have never had your license scanned by us before, please drop by the office at your convenience and do so prior to any special event so that you may RSVP.

For your convenience we will place our RSVP links on the school's webpage and Facebook page. Classroom teachers also send links through their Remind 101 and Class Dojo apps.