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Westside Volunteer Training will be in Tuesday, August 27th

in the Westside Cafeteria at 8:30AM.

Volunteering goes beyond running copies! We have many events throughout the year (ex. Boxcar Derby Day, Book Fair, Jump Rope for Heart, Field Day, etc) that need volunteers. But to do so, the volunteer needs to come to Volunteer Training and follow the protocol set forth. Paperwork has to be submitted and volunteers must pass an initial background check and an Arkansas Maltreatment check. These are made through the District Administrative Office and the district will incur the fee charged by the State of Arkansas for performing the initial check and any renewal checks. This MUST be done (and the volunteer must be notified that they have been cleared) before being allowed to work with a child or groups of children on campus. For more details, please click on the policy below.

District Volunteer Policy