Information Regarding SHS Lions Football Playoff Game
Information Regarding SHS Lions Football Playoff Game
Betsy Bailey
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

NOVEMBER 22nd, 7:00pm


Admission and Passes

A. Gate admission prices are: Students and Adults - $6.00. 

B. The following shall be admitted without charge: 

1. Cheerleaders in uniform. 

2. Dance/Drill team in uniform. 

3. Band members in uniform. 

4. School groups that have been previously authorized to perform at the event. 

5. Authorized AAA Identification Passes

6. AAA Media Press Credential Tag 


The following sportsmanship rules will be in effect at all AAA regional and

state events:

1. Face/Body Painting. General face/body painting is not permitted. Partial

face painting is permitted such as small markings on the cheeks.

Posters/Banners/Signs. All signs must show only positive support. Those

which direct negative comments towards opponents or are unsportsmanlike

or vulgar are not permitted. 

2. No handheld signs, banners, pennants, or poms are permitted at any AAA state play-off or championship event. Poms are allowed at outdoor events.

3. Artificial Noisemakers. Artificial noisemakers shall not be used at any

indoor event. Artificial noisemakers are items such as, but not limited to,

megaphones, air horns, bells, whistles, clickers, thunder sticks, explosive

devices, tape/CD players, and radios. Noisemakers that require an external

power source are not allowed at benefit games, regular season events, and

post-season events.

4. Balloons. Balloons are not permitted at any AAA state play-off or

championship event.

5. Attire. Bare chests are not permitted. Shirts must be worn.

Inappropriate Behaviors. Throwing objects onto the playing area before,

during, or after a contest is not permitted. At no time before, during, or after

a contest shall spectators be permitted to enter the playing field. Verbal

harassment or derogatory remarks directed toward an opponent or official

are not permitted. Spectators are not permitted to hold up newspapers

while teams are being introduced or when teams, cheerleaders, or dance

teams are performing.

6. Bands are not to be used to disrupt an opponent’s game. At

football games bands and any component thereof (e.g. drums), shall not

play when the opposing team is inside the twenty-yard line.