7:30 Breakfast served and students may be dropped off

7:50 1ST Bell--students enter the classroom

7:55 2nd Bell--Morning announcements

8:00 Tardy Bell

8:00-10:50 4TH Grade--AM classes

8:00-11:00 5TH Grade--AM classes

8:00-12:30 6TH Grade--AM classes

10:10-10:50 4th Grade--Physical Activity

10:50-11:20 4TH Grade lunch

11:00-11:40 5th Grade--Physical Activity

11:40-12:10 5TH Grade lunch

12:30- 1:00 6TH Grade lunch

1:00-1:40 6th Grade--Physical Activity

11:30-3:05 4th Grade PM classes

12:20-3:05 5TH Grade PM classes

1:50- 3:05 6TH Grade PM classes

3:05 Dismissal Bell

Checkout procedure is as follows. After 2:30 pm no student check-outs will be allowed. Check-outs prior to 2:30 pm will count as ½ day absences. Individual emergencies will be handled by an administrator. Students are allowed no more than 12 absences per semester. Parents must contact the Principal in writing prior to accumulating 12 absences if there is an extenuating medical reason for excessive absences. Messages for students must be received prior to 2:30 pm.