Westside PRIDES
Westside PRIDES
Kim Lawhon
Friday, October 05, 2018

Westside recently revealed that we would be dividing classrooms up into Prides. Prides will do activities together throughout the year. This encourages teamwork across grade levels and peer-to-peer socializing across ages. Students will get to know teachers other than those in their grade level and teachers will get to know more students than those in their classroom. Below is the groupings. Be on the lookout for our NAMING ceremony where each Pride will reveal their name and motto!

Pride#1 - Turney, Ashenberger, Shirley, and Mabry

Pride#2- Moore, Davis, Heathscott, and Sammons

Pride#3- Garner, Williams, Buterbaugh, and Cortes

Pride#4- Watkins, Schowe, Cook, and Schatzley

Pride#5- Holmes, Anderson, Martin, Petty

Pride#6- Thompson, Martin, Marino