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Searcy School District is a Family Tradition                  

 By Betsy Bailey, School/Community Coordinator

  Family Tradition. That is what Searcy School District means to one family in our community. The Lawson/Faulkner family says that being a part of the Searcy Public Schools is something that is a part of who they are, a tradition, and their heritage. The family has found themselves in a very unique situation this year and one that probably won’t happen again.

 I was walking through Sidney Deener Elementary School on the first day of school snapping photos of our students as they adjusted to their surroundings after summer break and was greeted by veteran elementary school teacher Kay Lawson. She informed me that their family had a member at every campus in the Searcy School District this year, and I had to share! Four family members teach at four different schools and six grandchildren are spread among the six schools. I’d say they have the Searcy School District covered. Along with Kay, her daughter Shelley Faulkner joined the McRae staff as a third grade teacher this year, daughter-in-law Katie teaches fifth grade at Southwest Middle School, and sister-in-law Melissa Lawson is beginning her twenty-seventh year of teaching as a physical science teacher at Searcy High School. 

 Furthermore, each one of these ladies spent their grade school years in the Searcy School District and graduated from Searcy High School. Melissa, a 1984 SHS graduate, believes Searcy Public Schools impacted her in a positive way. “I received a great education from Searcy Public Schools, and I knew I wanted to come back home and continue that tradition.” Shelley Lawson Faulkner loves how special it is that she is teaching in the same place where she attended elementary school and that she can see her own children learn in the same school. Speaking of the children, eldest grandchild Isaiah Lawson attends seventh grade at Ahlf Junior High School where he is grateful to be a part of what he calls “well-organized athletics and extra-curricular activities.”  His sister Abby rounds out the sixth school by attending Westside Elementary School as a third grader in her final year there. The other children are dispersed among Southwest Middle School and McRae Elementary School. All Lawson/Faulkner children agree that the teachers in our district make learning fun, and they love school.

 We are fortunate to have many families who have attended Searcy School District from generation to generation, and the legacy just continues and will continue for years to come. We wish the Lawson/Faulkner family as well as all our families in the district a wonderful 2015-2016 school year!




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Posted by Searcy Public Schools on Friday, August 28, 2015