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---Welcome to Searcy Public Schools---

Southwest Middle School Implements "Grab & Go" Breakfast Program says breakfast increases brain power and that students who eat breakfast are more likely to get fiber, calcium, and other important nutrients.  We at Searcy Public Schools agree that we want our students healthy and ready to learn.  Research has shown that students who eat breakfast are less likely to make trips to the nurse’s office, and breakfast foods boost kids’ attention span, concentration and memory.   Southwest Middle School has implemented a new breakfast program that will provide easier access to students and is intended to increase the number of students who choose to eat breakfast on the campus.

The Arkansas No Kid Hungry program awarded a grant to Southwest Middle School to fund a new breakfast program entitled “Grab & Go Breakfast” which allows for food stations to be set up in five different locations across the Southwest Middle School campus.  Students still have the opportunity to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, but they can also eat in the hallways outside their classrooms.  According to the Southwest Middle School cafeteria manager Eva Boyles, the school saw an average increase of 150 students enjoying breakfast in just the first week of implementation.  “I am just overwhelmed at the success we have had with this new breakfast program,” says Boyles.  “The kids love it, and it is an awesome addition to our food service program here at Southwest.”  Southwest Middle School teacher Jamee Beningfield has seen positive changes this week as well. “My kids are loving the Grab & Go breakfast option that is now available at SWMS.  My team and I have about 50% of our students participating and eating breakfast in our hallways.  This option has reached students who were not going to the cafeteria and were coming to school hungry.  I’ve seen improved ability to focus by these students, and I’m so thankful my students have been given this option!”

The regular price for breakfast is $1.00, and students who qualify for free or reduced meals will still receive breakfast at a free or reduced price.  Daily breakfast menus consist of a whole grain, fresh fruit, juice and milk.  Items are bagged in brown or white baggies depending on whether it offers chocolate or white milk in the bag. 

We are very excited about this new program, and we hope our students will continue to take advantage of the “Grab & Go” program.  For more information or questions about menu items or nutritional information, contact Searcy Public Schools food service director Charlotte Davis at 268-3517.