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---Welcome to Searcy Public Schools---


The Arkansas Arts Center Children's Theatre on Tour entertain Searcy School District third grade students with a dance number during the production The Engine That Thought It Could on Friday morning.


Third grade students across Searcy School District enjoyed the theatrical presentation The Engine That Thought It Could by the Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theatre on Tour on Friday.  The Children’s Theatre on Tour is part of the State Services program at the Arkansas Arts Center. 

The Children’s Theatre on Tour traveled to Searcy and presented the production at the Searcy High School Performing Arts Center for our elementary students.  Students were given a learning packet prior to the event that includes exercises aligning with the Arkansas Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core State Standards.  Also, an overview of theatrical vocabulary and theatre etiquette was discussed within the packet.

The Engine That Thought It Could is a classic tale of determination.  The main character Millie, the Little Engine, learns that hard work does pay off even in the midst of troubling circumstances.  The play is written by Alan Keith Smith and based on the 1906 story by Charles S. Wing.

“The Children’s Theatre on Tour brings the magic of the theatre to thousands of children and families across the state,” said Arkansas Arts Center executive director Todd Herman. “Every year, their performances wow the audiences and create extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge and inspire young people and their communities.”

Searcy Public Schools are proud we were able to bring this educational production to Searcy for our third grade students to enjoy and are grateful Arkansas has so many opportunities for learning in our state.  For more information about the Arkansas Arts Center or to view the 2014-2015 touring schedule, visit or call (501)396-0350.