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---Welcome to Searcy Public Schools---

    Searcy School District Superintendent Shares Leadership Philosophies


A leader is defined as someone who “shows the way, guides, influences, or directs.”  We at Searcy Public Schools are fortunate to have a superintendent who exemplifies these characteristics with confidence, kindness, and determination. Diane Barrett, who has begun her 39th year in the field of public education, was able to share her philosophies on leadership with public servants across Arkansas on Thursday.

Barrett was invited by the Arkansas Society of Certified Public Managers, a nationally-accredited training and development program for public sector managers and supervisors, to speak at their annual leadership seminar to a group of one hundred public servants in Arkansas.  Her presentation entitled “To Quote a Leader” focused on aspects including leadership development, relationships in the workplace, problem-solving, and decision-making.  Barrett utilized quotes from a number of authors, philosophers, public servants, and business executives to introduce each point that she made.  Because Barrett has worked in various educational leadership roles, she was able to provide experiences and knowledge regarding every level of leadership.

In addition to Barrett’s presentation, seminar students had the opportunity to learn from state leaders including Former U.S. Congressman Mike Ross, Arkansas State Senator David Sanders, Director of the Department of Workforce Services Artee Williams, Pulaski County Judge Buddy Villines, Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission Chairman Watson Bell, Arkansas State Chief Technology Officer Claire Bailey, and Arkansas State Representative Greg Leding.  Barrett’s emphasis on education provided relevant information to the public as to what public school educators are dealing with on a daily basis and how leadership is implemented in the public school arena.

We at Searcy Public Schools are grateful for the leadership qualities that Superintendent Barrett exhibits each day in our district and commend her on her willingness to share her leadership style and philosophy with others.  More information on the Arkansas Society of Certified Public Managers may be found at