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---Welcome to Searcy Public Schools---



Searcy School Distrct Employees Receive Door Prizes

at the Annual Back to School Event.

It’s that time!  We are ready to welcome our students tomorrow as they walk through one of the Searcy School District buildings. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff have been preparing for the big day and look forward to spending the next nine months motivating and educating these young people.

 Our campuses have held open houses, registrations, and even a parent night over the last few weeks to make the transition into the school year a positive one. Our teachers and administrators have spent hours upon hours during summer break learning new technologies, teaching strategies, and even safety techniques to become better equipped for the new school year.

 I always love that first of week of school when I hear the band rehearsing the fight song during morning practice, and I can see the football team out on the practice field preparing for the first ballgame. It’s an excitement that returns each year.

I came across this poem and thought it an excellent description of what it means “to teach,” and to show our parents how our teachers really feel about their profession and especially their students.

“I Teach”

I teach because there is great fulfillment that comes in

working with girls and boys.

I teach because I wanted to be a sculptor, and I can do so,

by shaping lives for the future.

I teach because I wanted to be an artist, and I can,

in giving inspiration to children.

I teach because I wanted to be a historian, and I can in having

recorded something for the lives of great men to come.

I teach because I wanted to be a poet, and I can in writing

impressive passages of mankind.

I teach because of the reward I receive when a child’s

frown turns to smiles, or when he/she says, “Now I understand.”

I teach because of the personal growth I receive each day as

I venture out on a quest for knowledge and techniques to help my students understand.

I teach for it is in this where I can see the worthwhile

and true fulfillment of living.

                                --Author Unknown

Searcy School District wishes our students, teachers, and staff a happy and fulfilling 2014-2015 school year.