Next week, Westside students will **Celebrate Freedom** by reading about US landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and important documents like the Constitution!
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Sept. 21-25
Online Book Fair coming in October!!
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Reading Matters Statistics
Fall Pictures for Virtual Students will be held in November!!
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student saying the pledge
REMINDER: A law prohibiting use of cell phones in school zones took effect Oct. 1, 2011. State law prohibits all motorists from using a mobile phone while in a school zone or passing a school building when children are present. Act 288, passed in March 2019, makes the use of a handheld, wireless telephone in a school zone a primary offense with a $250 fine (first offense). For more information please visit
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No phone sign
Parents~ Students will bring backpacks and water bottles to school each Monday and they will stay at school until Friday. On Friday, any and all papers will be sent home in the backpack and water bottle will be sent home to be cleaned. Lunchboxes, however, will come home each day. We had some children misunderstanding that today and thought they could not bring their lunchbox home. We apologize to any parent that had to swing back by to pick up a lunchbox.
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backpack and lunchbox
PARENTS: Accidents and spills happen at school (more often than you think!). Getting clothes dirty or torn at recess has been known to happen on occasion as well. We are asking ALL parents to please send a change of clothes with your students to be kept at school. Our nurse's clothes cabinet is not large enough to house all sizes for all seasons... and most kiddos would prefer to change into their own clothing. We are requesting just a pair of shorts, a shirt, underwear, and clean socks be sent in a ziploc bag with the child's name on it. We appreciate your help....and we know your child will truly appreciate having them here if they are ever needed. Thank you!!
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cartoon girl spilling juice on clothes
PARENTS: As you prepare your child's school supplies, please be sure to put your child's name inside their backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets, etc. We have a lost and found and it fills up rather quickly, but we can get the item back to its owner if we know who it belongs to! 
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two students wearing backpacks on Dot Day
If you believe your child is eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, please click on the link below to fill out the application. Thank you!
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Apple with free and reduced lunch app
We have fantastic duty monitors in our lunchroom helping our students, but this year it will be very helpful if the kids are more independent. We appreciate all you can do to help!!
2 months ago, Westside Elementary
plea to parents to help kids be independent in lunchroom