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Q: Why don’t all of my children show up on my account? How can I add additional students to  my account? 

A: If all of your children are not displayed when viewing your account, it is probably due to the  security protocols of the SMART tag™ system. When our system does not receive identical parent  and address information in the profile of each of your children, it will not link them together into  one account. The reason for slightly different information or spelling is usually due to each child’s  information being entered differently by the registrar at their specific campus. 

If you are the first parent to register for your child, you can click “Add Student” from the “Students”  page on your Parent Account. You can visit the student page here: Student/Children. 

If you are the second parent to register for your child, either the first parent can add children to your  account, or you can contact your child’s campus to have them add your child to your account. 

Q: How do I add a second phone number to receive SMART Alerts? Is there a limit to how  many phone numbers I can setup to receive SMART Alerts? 

A: SMART tag™ currently only supports one (1) cell phone number per Parent Portal Account.  However, a second parent, family member or guardian can create their own Parent Portal Account  and register their own cell phone number. There is a limit of two (2) Parent Portal Accounts for each  student, and therefore a limit of two (2) cell phone numbers per student. 

Q: My spouse or other family member would like to create their own Parent Portal Account.  How do they create one? 

A: You can create one (1) additional Parent Portal Account by following the same registration  process the first parent did using the following link: After  entering the required information for one (1) child, you’ll receive a message that “an existing parent  account exists for this student, would you like to create a 2nd parent account?”. You can then create  a username/password to create your account. 

Please Note: This will only register you as the parent for one (1) child. If you have other children that  you need to add to your account, the first parent that registered can add your other children to your  account. 

You can also contact your child’s campus or school district transportation department and request  they add you as a co-parent for any additional students you need to add to your account. 

Q: Will my child be allowed to ride the bus if they lose their SMART tag™ card? 

A: Contact your school district for their specific policy, but in general, your child will still be allowed  to ride the bus if their SMART tag™ card has been lost or misplaced. SMART tag™ has been  designed with a backup feature so that a driver can “manually load and unload” a student assigned  to a bus that does not have their SMART tag™ card. However, that feature is not meant to be used  as an ongoing alternative to a student using their card. SMART tag™ has been designed to be a  very fast and efficient student ridership authorization system when students use their SMART tag™  card. When a student does not have their card when riding the bus, the driver must take the time to  search on the tablet for the student’s name and manually load them onto the bus, and then take the  time to repeat that same process when the student is unloading off of the bus. When that process is  repeated for multiple students, it delays the timing of the route so that the bus arrives late at all their  subsequent stops. If your child loses or misplaces their SMART tag™ card, please replace it as soon  as possible to help ensure the system runs as designed and the bus arrives at the stops on time. 

Q: Why am I not receiving SMART Alerts? 

A: There could be several reasons why you are not receiving SMART Alerts. Please verify the  following information to make sure your account is set up correctly to receive alerts. 

• Ensure you have the correct phone number on the account. 

• Ensure you have the correct phone carrier selected. 

• Ensure that you have completed the verification process for your phone number. • Verify that SMART Alerts are checked for each individual student, including AM and PM if desired 

If the preceding information is correct and you are still not receiving SMART Alerts, the issue may  be that your child is not assigned to the correct bus route. Please contact your school district’s  transportation department office so that they can determine if your child is assigned to the correct  bus route. If all the aforementioned information is verified to be correct, please email support@ and provide the following information: 

• Brief description of the issue 

• Your child’s school district 

• Your child’s Student ID Number

Q: How do I add/edit the list of authorized Guardians that can pick up my child at their bus  stop? 

A: If your child’s school district allows parents to edit the Guardian list, you will see this option  available on your Guardians page while logged into your Parent Portal Account. If you do not see an  option to add/edit the guardian list, please contact your student’s district’s transportation office and  they will be able to update the guardian list for you. 

Q: The address listed for my student is incorrect. How can I get this corrected? 

A: Please contact your school district’s transportation office and confirm that their routing software  system has been updated to the new correct address from the school district’s Student Information  System. Once confirmed, your new address will also be updated in the SMART tag™ system within  24-48 hours. 

Q: Why does my child’s Pick-up / Drop-off location say “Undesignated Stop”? 

A: This means that the SMART tag system does not recognize this location as an assigned stop on  your child’s bus route. This is usually caused by a data discrepancy between where the driver is  stopping, versus what location is established in the district’s routing software. You can contact your transportation department to verify your child’s Pick-up / Drop-off location is  set correctly.

SMART tag™ Support 

Phone: 512.686.2360 x1 


For the quickest support, please provide your full name, email address, your child’s school district name, your  child’s student ID number, and a brief description of the problem in your email.