Honoring Law Enforcement Officers
Honoring Law Enforcement Officers
Betsy Bailey
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The first week of the 2020 spring semester at Searcy School District is off to a running start. Our teachers and students settled into classes and their routines for second semester. 

During the first week back, a special day was set aside at various Searcy schools. Each year, January 9th marks Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. We all know how important law enforcement officers are to maintaining a safe school environment.

Officer Don Davis of the Searcy Police Department and Special Agent Mike McNeill of the Arkansas State Police are the law enforcement presence on the Searcy High School campus. Teachers and students chose to wear blue and black to honor those who serve in law enforcement, and the teachers and nutrition employees planned special treats for the two.  A basket full of their favorite things, gift cards, and homemade sweet treats are just some examples of the tokens of their thanks.

Southwest Middle School presented SRO Officer Keith Ferrin with his favorite Sonic drink in thanks for all he does on the middle school campus, and Sidney Deener Elementary School treated local law enforcement Officers Dennison and Dangerfield to lunch and a special “thank you”. McRae Elementary School presented their SRO, Officer Madden, with a creative poster

We are very grateful at Searcy School District to our school resource officers, those officers who do extra duty at extracurricular events, and every officer who is on the front lines keeping our young people and entire community safe. The encouragement these officers give our students and staff daily does not go unnoticed, and we appreciate them each day. However, we are happy that we can honor them on a designated day.