District to Offer "Flex Fridays" Beginning October 23

Searcy School District is offering “Flex Fridays” to our onsite students on Fridays of each week beginning Friday, October 23. Friday will be a blended learning day. Class instruction for the day will be online instruction utilizing Google Classroom, and students will have the option to attend school onsite or remotely from home.  Searcy School District understands how time consuming and challenging it has been for our teachers to teach and engage with both onsite and Lions Online students simultaneously. This blended learning day will be beneficial for students and teachers by allowing teachers time to communicate with virtual students and parents and providing teachers flexibility for both lesson development and monitoring of student work.  Depending on the program needs of the particular school, support staff, interventionists, and activity teachers will monitor students who choose to attend onsite to assist with virtual lessons and provide reinforcement of learning activities. Buses will run as usual and meals will be provided both to onsite students and those attending remotely. All children will be offered the option of taking home meals on Thursday if they do not plan to attend onsite on Friday. These meals are free of charge and will be the student’s choice to pick up the breakfast and lunch for the next day. Searcy School District will send out a survey to gather information on student participation regarding “Flex Fridays.”  We ask that parents complete a separate survey for each student in your home.