Three Searcy School District Teachers Earn Top Honors

Searcy School District received exciting news this week! Wilbur D. Mills Education Service Cooperative held a “Teacher Tip” contest, and three Searcy School District teachers earned top spots with one being named the Grand Champion! During this very unique time in education, teachers are overwhelmed learning new techniques to assist both onsite and remote learners. These tips are practices our teachers have found useful and want to share with others across the educational field. It is our honor to recognize Southwest Middle School teacher Jamie Taylor as the Grand Champion for the entire contest! Ahlf Junior High School science teacher Kyla Glasser took the first place position for the Grades 7-9 category, and Lauren Taylor earned the second place slot in the Grades 10-12 category. All three Searcy School District secondary schools are represented! Congratulations to each of these teachers for their honor. Below are the videos each submitted and a description of the prizes they were awarded for their achievement.

Jamie Taylor, Southwest Middle School, GRAND CHAMPION

Jamie Taylor video

Prizes: $1,000 in prizes and gifts- iPad, case, keyboard, pencil, personalized water/cup

bluetooth speaker, and teacher gift basket 

Kyla Glasser, Ahlf Junior High School, 1st Place in Grades 7-9 Category


Kyla Glasser Video

Prizes- $600 in prizes and gifts-iPad, case, keyboard, pencil, personalized water/cup, 

teacher gift Basket 

Lauren Taylor, Searcy High School, 2nd Place in Grades 10-12 Category

Lauren Taylor Video

Prizes-$300 in prizes and gifts-Bluetooth Speaker, water/cup, teacher gift basket

 Congratulations to Mrs. Jamie Taylor, Mrs. Kyla Glasser, and Mrs. Lauren Taylor! Send them a Virtual “congratulations” for this outstanding recognition!