Searcy High School junior band members participated in the Junior High All-Region band competition in Cabot on Saturday, December. The band is under the direction of Nick Shurtleff, Shane Fudge, and Kevin Beirne. Congratulations to the following students!

Michael Supratman, Clarinet, 1st Band, 22nd Chair

Jayson Taylor, Clarinet,1st Band, 25th Chair

Jonathan Alonzo, Clarinet,2nd Band, 6th Chair

Jacob Abrams Clarinet,2nd Band, 15th Chair

McKenna Likert, Clarinet,1 st Alternate

Hunter Puckett, Alto Saxophone, 1st Band, 2nd Chair

Simone Hofheinz, Tenor Saxophone, 2nd Band 3rd Chair

Ben Freeman, Bari Saxophone, 1st Band, 2nd Chair

Ben O'Connell, Trumpet, 1st Band, 3rd Chair

Will Bailey,Trumpet, 1st Band, 6th Chair

Case Sciba,Trumpet, 1st Band, 7th Chair

Braden Wolfe, Percussion, 1st Band, 6th Chair

Carter Carrigan, Percussion,1st Band, 7th Chair