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Searcy School District Curriculum Questions/Answers Part 3

1.    Why did you choose to use Wit and Wisdom through fifth grade and My Perspectives for 6-12? The curriculum committee chose to use Wit & Wisdom for K-5 because it only goes through K-8. My Perspectives is a curriculum for grades 6-12. We chose to be consistent at the elementary level and consistent at the secondary level. Both Wit & Wisdom and My Perspectives were included on the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) approved curriculum lists.

 2.  Is Wit and Wisdom a reading program?  Wit & Wisdom is a comprehensive English language arts curriculum  developed by and for teachers. The approach is integrated and text-based: daily reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary study. 

 3. How many minutes do you spend on Wit and Wisdom each day? Wit & Wisdom recommends 90 minutes of instruction daily.

4.  What will you use to measure the effectiveness of  Wit and Wisdom? For students in grades K-5, Searcy School District utilizes iStation and the Wit & Wisdom end of module task.