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For Immediate Release

Searcy School District understands our patrons are concerned about the rising COVID-19 case numbers. Therefore, we want to provide you with our updated COVID-19 positivity rates. At this time, only 2.5 % (102 students) across the district are identified as COVID-19 positive. The following percentages are broken down by campus for your convenience.

  • Deener- 1.3%, 

  • McRae- 2 %

  • Westside- 2.5%

  • Southwest-1.8%

  • AJHS-2.1%

  • Searcy High School 4.3%

Searcy School District wants to be transparent about our decision-making, and we will continue to monitor positive case numbers and provide you with the most up-to- date information as possible. Our goal is to continue to provide a safe and healthy school environment for our students and staff members. Student positivity rates along with staff positivity rates will be used to determine the need for school closures. In the event we have to pivot to remote learning, we will provide this information well in advance for preparation purposes. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Bobby Hart, Superintendent of Schools, if there are any questions about the data or you have additional concerns.